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“Established in 2014 after years of research and development, EASY HYDRO GROW has stood the test of time and continues to assist growers who strive for heavy yields and big sticky flowers.

The EHG range is manufactured in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa using the highest quality mineral salts. It is suitable for all kinds of soil-less growing techniques including aeroponics, flood and drain, bubbleponics and many more. Spectacular results are also achieved in coco coir and soil fertigation.

Our unique program helps anyone grow like a pro. Grow, Micro/Coco Micro and Bloom are a three part liquid nutrient system and are combined in different ratios depending on the stage of the plants’ development. Ripener provides an extra boost in late flowering stages, for massive harvests.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, growing indoor or outdoor, EHG products will provide the nutrient profile you require for every stage of your plants’ growth. The nutrient strength suggested in the guide is a general guide suitable for most plants and strains.”

Visit our website for a comprehensive look at our product range and feeding guide as well as links to retail outlets countrywide.

Get bumper harvests with South Africa’s leading liquid hydroponic nutrient system.



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