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Zoll – prerolled cannabis joints.



By Hennie Venter

For the Recreational Market!

This product is cultivated and manufactured by an authorized cultivator and producer right here in Gauteng, sunny South Africa.

I am reviewing the product and will post the review on this group tomorrow, tonight it’s all about testing.

Mechanically Pre rolled cones, this is a product produced by one of the ICBT collaborative partners. I will get a little deeper into that tomorrow. These products are aimed at the South African recreational market and we hope to be one of the institutions (ICBT) to pave the way for the birth of the recreational market.

I’m reviewing 4 Chemovars over the next couple of days:

Gorilla Glue
Banana Hammock
White Widow
Super Cheese

Not for sale. Personal use. Legally produced under Section 22 SAHPRA Authorization.

Review: Gorilla Glue #4 pre rolled Cones (Mechanically rolled)

This product is aimed at the South African recreational market and cultivated and produced in South Africa under a section 22 SAPRHA Authorization. The product is a prototype and not for sale to the public.

Well then, I got my hands on some of the prototype products by a collaborative partner of the ICBT (whom will soon be revealed in a separate post). The products are in the final stages of development and the product “field testing” currently underway hence the review…… The printing on the packaging will definitely change to include relevant product information once the products are made available to the public, these are prototypes only and not for sale to the public just yet. The cannabis cultivation facility is (SAHPRA/DOH) Authorized under Section 22 of the medicines and related substances Act 101 of 1965, but more of that when we introduce all the companies currently working with ICBT. Ok Let’s talk cannabis.

The cones are mechanically rolled by equipment designed and manufactured here in Gauteng and I can honestly say it smokes great!

I decided to put fire to the Gorilla Glue first…….. I opened the container and had a peep inside; a full bouquet of terpenes immediately makes its presence known as you look down at three perfectly rolled cones. Before I light up I smell the cone top to bottom and found a surprisingly pinenutty almost fruity aroma with a little sourness bouncing around in my retro-nasal passage which I did not expect at all but the next thing I knew there was fire and smoke…… and the cone was burning beautifully even.

The Draw: The airflow through the cone feels just right, I was expecting the fruitiness to come through in droves and with thoughts of sour tutti fruity still lingering in the back of my mind, the complete opposite happened; a really nice woody almost earthy aroma becomes dominant with undertones of mocha/choca, she taste’s rather naughty I must say. It honestly feels like a breeze of cool air gently entering the lungs and you still have the last of the mocha/choca notes disappearing slowly like the soft notes during the coda of one of Beethoven’s piano Sonatas.

The blowout…… that’s when the classical tones end to make way for the rock concert….. Slow release blowout reveals the unmistakable hints of caryophylene and its oxide making diesel characteristics very evident if not almost dominant. Immediately after the release…….. Bang! On-set of action was almost immediate and the CB1 Receptors firing away signals letting me know that they are very content with the current situation.

The Finish… leaves a woody, earthy, caryophyllenic aroma that makes me think of raw cumin seed, pungently sour-ish, brings memories of an old Leadwood tree and days spent in the Thabazimbi bushveld.

The High: well not what I expected at all ………… Gorilla Glue #4 usually has a relaxing almost sedative effect on me, well again the opposite happened. The psycho activity gave me a burst of energy almost immediately flowed by what I can only describe as an inducement of striatal dopamine release (happy chemicals) which you find with most high calibre THC sluggers! I was Happy Hennie feeling very energetic and completely confused as to the effects…… I was getting ready for a sedative like body high that GLUES me to the couch making me stretch out in order to release some muscle tension and get rid of the lactic acid build up very often related to muscle pain. Now don’t get me wrong this was a happy pleasant surprise which is perfectly explainable (and rather clever)..….

During the site tour I walked around the flowering bay and asked the head cultivator Henry which indicators he uses to identify ideal harvesting time, his answer was quick “full Synthase with Zero oxidation”. The reason for this is simple but something most producers don’t think of, the samples given to me are rather fresh from the production line, in reality the product will be packaged, boxed, tagged for track and trace and go into storage waiting for the order to be processed. Well all this takes a bit of time including the delivery process etc. By harvesting full Synthase and not waiting for 10-15% “ambering” like most the GG#4 users prefer the producer ensures that the oxidation takes place after harvest and by dispatching stored products, he can really control the oxidative process and dispatch at 10% oxidation expecting the product to arrive between 10-13% oxidation which will be right on target for the sedative head rushing effects that the GG#4 lovers adore! Ok so here I am ideas ricocheting of f each other feeling happy and content and can’t wait for the next session. It’s definitely a heavy slugger at full Synthase and I do think one should consider making two products from the same chemovar at a different Synthase for each, an energetic rush product and a relaxing almost sedative product. I do believe there will be a market for this type of psycho active effect, especially during harvesting, trimming and those other energy draining processes, what I smoked is a gamers dream comes true. I’ve taken one of the cones and will be giving it a little UV light treatment in order to induce the oxidation of THC to CBN and will update the review when I’ve smoked it at around 10-15%. I’ve taken one cone apart to look at the trichomes and there is very little oxidation so I can’t wait for the UV to do its Job and I will review it again as an update!

I feel energetic happy and rather naughty for some reason……. For the next session I’m definitely going to get a pot of filter coffee going to further explore that mocha/choca tones…. I hope that you enjoyed the review as much I enjoyed testing this product.

I will be creating a post about the companies involved and future product development in a separate post soon, I thought that I would just give you my experience on a product aimed at the South African recreational market, this product is what I expected from our South African manufactures. Hats off to the Cultivation team who will soon be introduced.

I will review the Banana Hammock next…. Thank you for taking the time to read this review.

*Edit: the packaging will change to include product information when made available to market, these are just prototypes.


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  1. I’m interested in selling these products in my Tobacconist shops.

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