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Rasta makes a smoke

Boer makes a plan

RastaBoer makes a plan to smoke…

And with this simple joke while smoking my “skyf” with an empty can of coke and a socket, is where the idea of RastaBoer started.

What is RastaBoer, you ask? Ok you did not ask me, but I am going to tell you regardless.

A RastaBoer realizes “Dagga” is not “gagga” and we have been lied to for a long time by some uncool greedy assholes. They are not ashamed of using a plant in whatever capacity they see fit. They proudly stand up for our girl Mary Jane, whenever anybody talks ill about her and they are not blunt, it is not how we roll. They listen to understand, not to reply. Always magnanimous. They are always willing to share the one love because they know life is in fact better when you ‘puff puff pass’ the grass. Sativa for the things you can change and Indica to accept the things you can’t. RastaBoer does not care how much they smoke or what type of ganja they smoke, they know it is all about the company they keep. Always true to themselves, the way the Creator, our Heavenly Father made them. They accept the fact that they were born to stand out and not disappear in the crowd. RastaBoer always marches to the beat of their own drum. Every single day they embrace their lives for the absolute miraculous miracle it is.

We at RastaBoer have two goals: To get the whole of Mzansi baked and talking to each other. We are actually a bunch of very lekker okes and ladies spread over 11 languages and countless cultures. When lekker people talk kiff, things happen. And that is how we decided on our first product: the “wake and bake” mug. That and the fact that it is 2020…Coffee just isn’t doing its job to get you through these days anymore! Nothing better than a Hippie Speedball to get your day started on the right note. Or your afternoon or evening whenever you have your “cuppa”, you can have your dagga!

We decided to launch a challenge with our first product: the #rastaboerchallenge. We challenge every single Cannabis connoisseur to be proactive in making South Africa a better place.

Are you going to take on the #rastaboerchallenge? It’s simple: have a chat with somebody you normally would not have spoken to. And if they do not want that chronic, just share a tonic. If they don’t want to smoke some tree, give them some tea. Talk about the stuff that matters. We at RastaBoer tend to believe if we were encouraged to talk about politics, beliefs and religion from a young age, we would understand each other better, instead of wanting to bliksem each other, the moment we realize we differ…

While you are having a chat, listen to understand and not just to reply. Learn something and teach something. Remember you do not have to compromise your convictions to be compassionate. Follow us @rastaboer on Instagram and share a photo with the hashtag #rastaboerchallenge with us to stand a chance to win future products we will be selling.

P. S Challenge open to anybody, not just with the mugs.

For more information or to order your own RastaBoer mug email

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