Bulldog Rosin Press


The BullDog
106 x 80 x 26mm Solid Aluminium Heat Plates
Gauge Reading: Fahrenheit or Celsius
Digital Temperature Control
Temperature Range: 0° – 3000º C
Micro processor precision heat and temperature gauge
Full range heating coils for quick heat up
Electronic time control
Electronic constant temperature control systems
5 metric tons of pressure
Single Controlled Dual Heating Plates
Voltage: 240V
Digital Touch Screen Controller

The BullDog series of presses all come standard with a basic combo kit consistng of:

5 – Pre cut Parchment sheets
2 – Rosin scoops
1 – Silicone Rosin container
2 – BullDog Magnets (to hold the parchment paper during pressing)

The BullDog Rosin press Basic Combo is an all-in-one starter kit that includes everything you need to get started.

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Rosin Press South Africa

Rosin tech is a new technology that empowers consumers to take control of their own extraction process. … The technology behind rosin, which is made from bubble hash, kief, trim or flower during an extraction process combining heat and pressure, ensures that the cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids are preserved.

The Rosin Press is one of the fastest ways to extract resin from botanicals. The principle is to use heat and pressure to remove the resin from the flowers.

Are you looking for a Rosin press for sale in Cape Town or want to buy a rosin press in South Africa?

Pressing Rosin has never been easier. Have a look at the Bulldog rosin press.

10 mm steel plates welded together for extra strength.

106 x 80 x 26mm Machined CNC Aluminium pressure plates.

Replaceable thermocouples.

Solid state Relay

PID Controller;

Supply voltage AC 110 ~240v 50/60Hz
Power Consumption = 5Va (100 ~240VAC)
Control Range: -50~1300℃
Accuracy of 0.1 degree C
PID and ON/OFF Control Mode
Adjustable Digital Filter
Self-adjusting Intelligent Control.
High Luminance LED display,
Anti-glare panel

BullDog Presses are proud to announce their family of high quality rugged presses.

All presses are built on the proven BullDog chassis consisting of welded plates for added strength.

All of our BullDog frames and chassis are manufactured using 10mm thick precision laser cut metal with steel interlocking sides.

Welded both top and bottom with a 20 mm top surround and a 20mm footplate for additional strength.

We offer 5 tons of hydraulic pressure.

Presses can be custom built as per plate size as well as pressure per ton.

Presses can be built for domestic use and Industrial usage.

Full manufacturer warranty and continuous support.



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